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Secondary School Unit

Secondary School Unit

Client Charter

We are dedicated to carry out FAST, EFFICIENT, SINCERE, RESPONSIBLE AND FRIENDLY in managing:

  • Requirements Secondary School Teachers
  • New Teacher Placement
  • The appointment of untrained teachers
  • Teacher exchanges between District
  • Teacher exchanges between the State
  • Principal and Senior Assistant placement
  • Student exchanges between and within the State
  • Appeal Students in School Reconstruction
  • Teacher placement between the State and the State
  • Special Cases relating to schools, teachers and students

So that there is harmony with all those who deal with us

Services Provided:

  • Establish management and efficient administration of the secondary school, updates, modern, dynamic, progressive and caring
  • Creating an efficient administration, trust, friendly, updates and responsible.
  • Improve administrative management performance high school
  • Help improve the performance of high school curriculum and co-curriculum in line with the objectives of Vision 2020
  • Inculcate noble values ​​and high moral among secondary school students
  • Inculcate the values ​​of dedicated work, quality and sensitive among secondary school teachers

The main function

  • Manage appointments, placements and exchanges of secondary teachers
  • Managing placement and exchange of students inside and outside the country
  • Carry out the supervision of the school to ensure the management of the secondary school, as set out in the regulations of the National Education Policy
  • Providing the expected annual financial expenses Operating Budget for the activities involved with unit
  • Organize and provide data of teachers, pupils and classes as well as information related to facilities management and planning at the school, district and state levels.
  • Carry out investigation of all complaints relating to the administrative management of the school and provide a report for further action
  • Designing and implementing Professionalism Enhancement Program and Staff Development Program for Principals, Vice Principals, Supervisors Evening, Chairman and other fields.

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