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Primary School Unit

Unit Rendah

Client Charter:

  • Ensure that all exchanges of teachers trained (in teacher exchange in the country and exchange of teachers into the land selangor) is completed within 21 working days after the panel meeting.
  • Ensure that all new teacher placement completed within 21 days after the list of names received from the MOE.
  • All placement and exchange students who qualified can be approved within a period not exceeding 15 working days from the date of application.

Services Rendered:

Teacher Management

  • Manage application interstate exchange of teachers trained primary school for approval in January and June of each year.
  • Arrange placements for teacher exchanges between state (go to the state) on vacancies in schools
  • Manage application changes trained teachers in the country (between regions) primary for approval in January and June of each year
  • Manage the placement of new teachers (KDPM / trains) by vacuum at school
  • Manage staffing after unpaid leave, DE, NPQH, KSPK and Professor of Graduate Program
  • The appointment of untrained teachers (GSTT) in primary schools.
  • Appointment of Teachers Media / Library.
  • Professor of managing change and Senior Assistant in primary schools.
  • Manage application headmaster Excellent DGA38 (CTP) and Excellent Teachers in primary schools.

Student Management 

  • Manage and implement compulsory education at the primary level.
  • Manage the approval of state aid for school students (application of private schools and school dropout).
  • Manage application changes the language of instruction (stream schools).

School of Management

  • Regular monitoring and integrated into the primary state.
  • Ensure the headmaster and the new GPK rated courses and training on effective school management system
  • Preschool implement Management Course for new teachers and student management assistants
  • Plan, coordinate, manage and monitor the implementation of the expansion of the preschool program
  • Ensure preschool education infrastructure conducive
  • Determine and ensure the feasibility of the classroom, students and classes in primary schools authorized by the approval.

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