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Procurement and Asset Management Unit

Procurement and Asset Management Unit


  • Ensure adequate physical requirements and quality while creating an environment conducive to teaching and learning, safe, happy and
  • Healthy human capital and quality.
  • Ensure the management of government assets held regularly, efficiently and effectively.


Manage and provide physical needs, security services, building cleaning services and grounds, food service and cooked to the hostel  management of government assets to more efficiently and effectively to achieve the vision and mission of the department.

Main task

  • Plan, prepare and manage the needs of furniture and equipment for opening new institutions and existing schools.
  • To manage the tender and ensuring the security services, cleaning of buildings and grounds as well as the supply of cooked food at school /
  • educational institutions executed perfectly.
  • Perform regular monitoring of services regulated to ensure quality standards and quality of service achieved.
  • Streamline and strengthen the management of government assets.

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