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General Administration Unit

General Administration Unit


Provides a conducive infrastructure and ensuring hygiene and security control area are implemented according to the procedures.


  • Manage facilities / infrastructure for comfort officers and employees of the Department.
  • Ensure the cleaning and security control exercised by the contractual agreement.
  • Ensure that all government assets are managed in accordance with procedures established by circular.
  • Ensure that the procedure followed by the government store management circular.
  • Managing receipts and mailing letters.

Main task

  • Manage the maintenance of buildings, machinery, furniture and equipment.
  • Manage vehicle maintenance department.
  • Manage electrical maintenance, air-conditioning, water and telephone.
  • Manage security and hygiene department.
  • Ensure government assets are managed efficiently and according to regulations.
  • Ensure stores are managed efficiently and according to regulations.
  • Arrange correspondence.
  • Manage punch.
  • Manage driver and vehicle department.
  • Counter service and telephone.
  • Manage parking.
  • Manage uniforms for staff in the Department.

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