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Monetary Unit

Monetary Unit


Ensure financial management and accounts held by the Financial Procedure Act, the financial circulars and circulars related to the force.


Manage, coordinate, control and implement follow-up on the needs of the Budget Expenditure (ABM) by activity and monitor the spending of the approved budget.

Main task

  • Presents the Annual Budget (ABM) Treaty and Expansion Program Existing Policy by activity.
  • Coordinate assistance per capita (PCG) at the Department and the payment via EFT'.Mengurus and coordinate the application and allocation of additional provisions made in the activities of the District Education Office (DEO) and the School of Responsibility Centre (RC).
  • Ensure that all local orders via e-Procurement and e-SPKB provided from the date of the note to ask the key to the system in accordance with the prescribed limit spending power in the direction of empowerment by the Controller.
  • Managing, processing and approving loans and financing vehicle computer.
  • Manage, process and provide things JPN staff salaries, teachers 'pool' / Position KPM Group and teacher at the school Jais.
  • Approve the expenses of treatment / medicine.
  • Managing and being the secretariat meeting of the Financial Management and Accounts Committee (JPKA) ranked quarterly by the Department of the Treasury Circular No. 10 of 2008.
  • Manage applications and Maintenance of air ticket Warrant Public Air Travel (WPUA) and manage BULK system.
  • Access and ensure the provision of the received warrants locked into the VOT.
  • Review and monitor all receipts / revenues, expenses receipts, confirmed and recorded in the bank on the same day or the next day each time a transaction is carried out according to the procedure of Finance and Accounts currently in force.
  • Ensure maintenance of records Accounts Receivable (ABT). Accounts receivables and the provision of monthly reports and providers ABT answer Audit warnings.
  • Managing and being the secretariat of the Audit Committee meeting departmental level.
  • Manage and check Monthly Expenses Performance Report.
  • Prepare and oversee Reconciliation vote, and results of the Trust within 14 days after receipt of Flims.

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