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Student Affairs Unit

Student Affairs Unit

Client Charter

We pledged to:

  • Ensure friendly service, fast and prudent for all transactions in each unit in this department.
  • Ensure efficient and appropriate service and always willing to help when you make a follow-up to their services.
  • Ensure full and clear information from any employee and all our staff for managing services in this department.
  • Obtaining approval for each eligible, complete and meets the qualified application immediately.
  • Feel comfortable and satisfied with the facilities we provide while receiving needed services.
  • Obtaining accurate information, complete and complies with all requirements and regulations.

Services rendered:

  • Counseling
  1. Design, manage and implement the Student Leadership Program.
  2. Manage exploration and Student Exchange Program.
  3. Manage Career Education Program.
  4. Personal Advancement Program Implementation care (PMD).
  5. Competition manage Career Education Activities Science and Technology.
  6. Managing Professional Development of Teachers Counseling Program
  • Discipline
  1. Planning, organizing, managing and supervising the program, enrichment activities, strengthening, prevention and recovery, and increase the level of discipline in schools.
  2. Planning, coordinating seminars and courses for principals, headmasters, GPK HEM, and teacher discipline.
  3. Coordinate, analyze and follow up on issues of student misconduct cases
  4. To provide guidance in the process of appeal for students back to school
  • Health
  1. Manage and implement supervision of all help primary and secondary school.
  2. Additional Food Plan (TMP).
  3. Program Susu Sekolah (PSS).
  4. Coordinate and supervise the 3K program and management of the school canteen.
  5. Help coordinate NGO-sponsored activities.
  • Hostel
  1. Manage, administer and oversee the implementation and admission of pupils to the school and dorm dormitory rural schools.
  2. Send student dormitory food expenses budget.
  3. Manage and process the food supply tender hostel to the Ministry of Education.
  4. Contact a successful contractor and briefed about the management of the supply of food to the hostel.
  5. Manage, administer and supervise the implementation of activities in the field of sport student dormitory, Koakademik, and Art and Culture at the state level.
  • Textbook Loan Scheme
  1. Collecting and entering data information students eligible SPBT into the computer.
  2. Make a budget expenditure of textbook loan and sent a report to the Textbook Division, Ministry of Education.
  3. Take care, designing the purchase and receipt of text books in schools.
  4. Manage the purchase of textbooks Textbook Loan Scheme to suppliers of books.
  5. Manage and process of disposal of textbooks entitled disposed.
  • Goodness
  1. Scholarship Management BKP / KPU.
  2. Tuition Assistance Scheme (SBT) primary and Skin Food Programme Tuition Assistance (RMSBT).
  3. Poor Students Trust Fund (KWAPM).
  4. Students Takaful Insurance Scheme.
  5. Student Excellence Award.
  6. Aid Agencies.
  7. Student Safety jacket.

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